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How to Add Vintage Frame Overlays Using Alien Skin Exposure X

Open Alien Skin Exposure X (the latest version is 8, but previous versions work just the coque samsung a10 transparent avec motif same). Click the + icon on the top left corner of the window to coque samsung a20e dessin add folders from your computer. Choose the folder you want to add, and coque samsung galaxy a70 fairy tail double click. You may notice that when you open the folder, your images will be coque samsung a10 bob marley initially displayed as a Grid as shown on the second photo below.

Click Fit on the upper right corner of the window and you will see (as shown on the first photo) that your chosen image is enlarged, but you can still see the rest of the set, in the thumbnails just below. coque iphone 8 Once you have your coque samsung a40 tigre image, look on the right panel, and bring up the Overlays option by clicking on the arrow. Tick the border, then click on the box showing the overlay and a coque autres iphone pop up window, giving you a variety of overlay options, comes up. You can coque galaxy samsung a6 scroll through these coque samsung s6 options to find the overlay you want to use.

You can work on each photo individually or select all using Cmd/Ctrl + A, and your chosen settings will be applied to all the images. TypeCmd/Ctrl coque samsung a8 + D to deselect, and click on one photo to work coque portefeuille samsung a7 2018 on it individually. Don forget to use the Overall Intensity slider on the top right corner of the window, it works like the opacity slider in Photoshop. You also have a selection coque jaune samsung a50 of view options that allow you to coque rugby samsung a5 2015 see the various before and after splits, as shown on the image below. In this case, the left half of the photo has the overlay and coque samsung a40 friends the right half shows the original. This is helpful in coque livre samsung s10 gauging the intensity of the overlay applied, and its effect on the original image.

After you have applied your frames on each image, you now need to export them. Select all the images using Cmd/Ctrl + A, then either go to the Exposure bar File menu and select Export, or simply typeCmd/Ctrl + E, and you can coque samsung a50 unicorn beetle export your new images to a folder you designate. I suggest that you keep the suggested file suffix, or change it to something of your choice, so you know these are the new files with the Exposure samsung a8 coque ringke edits, should you want to keep them in the same folder. coque a5 2017 samsung drole You will still have coque cactus samsung a10 your original images in tact and untouched, in case you want to revisit them later.

Here are the images that I used in this tutorial, with the added frames using Alien Skin Exposure X.

I coque samsung a6 hope you coque samsung galaxy a20e minnie enjoyed this quick tip. Have fun experimenting with frames as well as other special effects. Do share any other quick tips on adding vintage frames in the comments below…

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