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O Twitter listened to personal finance experts on how to renegotiate your debts and get your finances in order.

your situation, getting ahead can make samsung galaxy 7 edge custodia all the difference. Negotiation is the watchword at the moment, said Luciana Ikedo, investment advisor and financial planner.

Eliane Tanabe, financial planner for Planos, says that it is necessary to make a very careful analysis of the personal and family budget to understand which accounts increased or decreased with the quarantine and evaluate which are essential and the possible expenses to be cut, even if temporarily.

Is it worth exchanging expensive debt for a cheaper one

This exchange is valid, as long as it is advantageous. will be able to evaluate bank and other financial loans. Evaluate and cover samsung galaxy j7 animali carefully compare the conditions presented and avoid the impulse decision. If necessary, ask for help from a financial planner, as a hasty and poorly planned decision can lead you into debt. for a long time declared Eliane.

But first, list all loans and financing, such as real estate and vehicle, and the custodia samsung tablet e 9.6 conditions under which they are.

this stage, it is necessary to evaluate what can be done contract by contract, such as the extension of the installments of the defaulting contracts for 60 days [caso do Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Ita Unibanco e Santander] or 90 days [caso de contratos na Caixa], the possibility of renegotiating lower interest rates and consequent reduction in the value of installments or even the portability of credit, among other measures he said.

According to Luciana Ikedo, for cover samsung j5 2017 lupo the most expensive debts, such as credit custodia a libretto samsung s7 cards, overdraft and personal credit in installments, look for custodia samsung gt-i9060i the financial samsung note 8 custodia coodio institution and try to concentrate everything in one, more prolonged, with a lower interest rate and with a portion that fits in the current budget.

must be very careful with the interest rate, with the Total Effective Cost [CET], which may include other costs that need to be considered, and also with the value of the contracted portion, which needs to fit in the pocket said Luciana.

According to her, many loan contracts, mainly personal, have an unemployment insurance clause that can provide for the settlement of some cover samsung s3mini installments and ease the current budget, if applicable.

If you are unable to renegotiate your debts, another way out is to sell some assets to cover samsung galaxy a3 2015 con liquido settle them. The emergency reserve, if any, can also be used.

For financial advisor Adriano Gomes, professor of finance at ESPM and managing partner of Mthode Consultoria, ultimately, if there is no success in renegotiating with creditors, judicial measures should be sought.

consumer or the borrower of credit is considered the weakest link in the process. In an eventual discussion in the scope of Justice, this is taken into account by the judge custodia per samsung galaxy tab a 9.7'' - sm-t550 t555 when judging. In other words, the strongest party cannot impose, for example , abusive rules that, often, caught in unpreparedness or despair, the policyholder accepts to try to circumvent a problem he declared.

Measures help the budget

In So Paulo, some measures favored the domestic budget temporarily, which represents a relief in the quarantine accounts. Eliane Tanabe cites examples:

Electricity: Exemption for low income consumers for 90 days with consumption below 220 kWh.

Water: Exemption for all customers registered in the residential social and residential slum tariff, regardless of the benefit granting date for accounts issued in the period from April 1 to June 30, 2020, automatically.

Gomes says there are expenses that can be eliminated, extended or renegotiated. problem is that, ahead of time, the extended debts should be paid, with the incidents of the period. That is why it is important to make custodia per telecomando tv samsung this calculation and forecast the cash flow. can create problems when the crisis passes, such as the negative name and the impossibility of obtaining access to credit lines in the future. must prioritize budgetary adjustment, cutting everything that is superfluous at this time, and try to negotiate the maximum financial commitments made before the crisis, stated Luciana.

For renters, some renters are granting discounts. important thing is to look for them to negotiate. custodia tablet samsung smt 550 This suggestion is also valid for small businessmen and freelancers, said Luciana.

Is it worth it to stop paying private pension

Ana Rita Petraroli, founding partner of Petraroli Advogados and a private pension specialist, says that anyone who has a private pension plan needs to be prudent, as this is an investment designed for the long term. recommendation is to stay focused on planning for the future and try to keep payments. the person has debts, it is possible to make a partial or total redemption of the amount applied. it is necessary to analyze whether this is essential now, custodia samsung galaxi j3 as other measures can be taken to reduce expenses, without having to change the amount already contributed. says, however, that it samsung custodia s9 is necessary to pay attention to the amount of Income Tax to be paid, at the time of redemption, as this varies from one plan to another (VGBL and PGBL) and from one tax regime to another (compensable regime and regressive regime).

An alternative is to port the plan to an operator with lower rates and better performance in the funds. beware: the transfer of reserves can only be carried out between plans with the same characteristic and from a regressive table to a progressive one, not the other way around; from custodia samsung 6s edge one PGBL to another PGBL; and from one VGBL to another VGBL. In this case, a professional of the operator can assist and clarify doubts about this more technical information he said.

Another possibility is to reduce the monthly contribution or, in more extreme cases, suspend the contribution and resume when it is feasible. is better than making a redemption, as the application continues to yield, even during the period when the periodic contribution is suspended. to cut spending

For Gomes, the spending cut must be personalized. is samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 custodia cover superfluous for one may be essential for another. There is no custodia samsung s5 a libro general rule, which can cover samsung x cover 3 be applied without distinction. In fact, the only general rule is that the act of reviewing expenses must be incorporated into good home management practices , he declared.

It is necessary to be very careful with recurring payments that are paid monthly, such as subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, etc.), streaming services and gym, among others. they seem small, when added together, they can represent a high cover samsung a5 2017 capitan america level of budget commitment. Analyze this type of service and immediately cancel the contracts, stated Luciana.

Eliane Tanabe says that to reduce concerns and anxiety, it is worth analyzing item by item of expenses that can be samsung s7 custodia magnetica postponed. can also lead people to impulse consumption in online shopping. They are points of attention, because in this moment of global crisis, all rigor in financial life is of great relevance…

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