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Four offence categories for different levels of seriousness

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View all sections in this topicCriminal CourtsOverview of how the criminal courts workOverviewFour offence categories for different levels of seriousnessGetting legal help: Legal revente bague argent aid and other help schemesOverviewFree legal advice when you’re under arrest: The PDLA schemeDuty lawyers: Free legal bague argent guy laroche advice bague argent fantasy les bague en or blanc on your first day in courtLegal aid: A lawyer for an ongoing caseFinding a lawyerHow criminal cases begin: Pleading, bail bague argent 925 corail and name suppressionYour first day at court: bague argent homme lyon OverviewEntering your plea: guilty or not guiltyBail: Being released while your case bague argent 925 rouge is ongoingName suppressionAlternatives to going to court: Diversion and restorative justiceDiversionRestorative justice conferencesThe lead up to the trial: Pre trial processesOverviewCase reviewsJury trial calloversThe trialOverviewBasic rights under the Bill of Rights for people standing trialEvidence bague argent lion femme and witnessesTe krero Mori i ng ktiSpeaking te reo in courtThe verdictSentencing: The judge’s decision about punishmentOverviewThe different types bague argent 925 swarovski of sentencesHow the judge decides the sentenceFines”Three strikes” law for repeated serious violent offendingAppealsVictimsSummary of victims’ rightsGetting help from a victim adviser at the courtsVictim bague argent black star impact statementsJuriesIntroductionDoing jury serviceSelection of jury membersThe jury’s decisionThe clean slate schemeOther resources

Overview of how the criminal courts workFour offence categories for different levels of seriousnessCategory 1 offences: Fines or community based sentences onlyCriminal Procedure Act 2011, ss 6, 71

These bague argent massif occasion are bague argent boho offences for which you can only be fined, or sentenced to bague en or promo a community based sentence like community work or supervision, rather than jail. You be dealt with in the District Court, and usually by Justices of the Peace or a Community Magistrate rather petite bague en or than a judge.

Category 2 offences: Less than two years jailCriminal bague argent 925 céramique diamant Procedure Act 2011, ss 6, 72

These are offences with a maximum penalty of less than two years in jail. bague argent outlet If you deny the charge, your bague argent eczema trial will be in front of a judge sitting without a jury. Usually this will be in the District Court.

Category 2 offences also include offences that are punishable bague en or mariage only by a fine if committed by a company or other corporate body (like an incorporated society) but punishable by a jail term retouche bague argent of less than two years if committed bague argent taille 63 by an individual person…

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