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Februar 4th, 2020 von sten

An Easy Peasy bracelet homme laiton Photo Storage Solution

I have this thing about bracelet homme fin acier taking pictures. I know I’m not the only mom that’s a compulsive bague solitaire et diamants photo taker, but I’m always snapping photos of offrir une bague solitaire Alea. It doesn’t matter if we’re just at bague solitaire design the park or if it’s her 5th birthday party. bracelet homme cuir et métal I just never want to forget a moment and I want to make sure I’ve captured as many of her moments as possible so we always have those photos to look back on. The digital photography age has clio blue bracelet homme made that so incredibly easy, too, and I’m forever bracelet homme vente en ligne thankful for my camera bracelet homme punk and my camera phone. I love that we always have access to a camera and we never do have to miss the perfect photo opportunity.

However, the one bague solitaire perle de tahiti thing about digital photography is keeping track tatouage bracelet homme polynésien of all those photos you take. We have thousands and thousands of photos of Alea from her very first days and months all the montre bracelet homme blanche way up until the age of 5 now. The photos from when she was a baby are well organized on our external hard drive, but it’s all the current photos we’ve had difficulty keeping track of. Between all of our devices, it just seems like I never bracelet homme en emeraude véritable know where a certain picture is at any given time.

The Lyve app has absolutely helped us get our photos organized! Not only does it swarovski bague solitaire organize your photos, but your videos as well. And montage bague solitaire you no longer have to bracelet homme guerin purchase a Lyve device in order to use the Lyve app anymore, so anyone can use this free app.

Even though you don’t need the device, to utilize the app anymore, the device is bracelet homme été 2016 still pretty nifty to have around. It can hold 1 terabyte of your most memorable and favorite photos securely and safely. It’s really a great piece of mind to know that all of those precious memories are safe and sound on bracelet homme cordd your Lyve device and tiffany and co bracelet homme they’re easily accessible as well. I have all of our digital wedding photos on my Lyve device!

Enter the giveaway below for the chance to win your very own Lyve Home! Thank you to the folks at Lyve for making tateossian bracelet homme this giveaway bracelet homme perle aimanté possible I think they like spoiling you all just as much as I do!

Growing up, my mother would take videos and photos of our everyday lives, special occasions and holidays. I rarely watched the videos, but then I REALLY didn watch them when her video camera died when I was fifteen. They were all on 8mm little bracelet homme acier et titane tapes, which decay over time and become choppy and faded. A couple years ago, I realized how bad this might turn out for our memories! So I searched and searched for an affordable option to transfer all these videos to a computer, a DVD. I managed to figure it out, but our memories are no longer crisp, happy videos. I become OCD about storage and properly filing my photos and videos, but I still have yet to find a proper solution! So far, bracelet homme turquoise argent I got copies on joli bracelet homme several computers, some files on one folder, some files on another computer. it tough. I need something…

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